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Welcome to drDOCTOR, a website of the drDOCTOR reading series and podcast, by the drDOCTOR reading series and podcast, for the drDOCTOR website.

The drDOCTOR reading series is an irregularly rendered reading series that regularly features three doctors: one fictional, one nonfictional, and one poetical.

The drDOCTOR podcast is a weekly podcast on art and the artists who make the art.

The drDOCTOR website is a website that features writing by writers for writers and readers.

drDOCTOR is publishing a magazine, drDOCTOR Vol. 1, which you can read more about here and order here.

drDOCTOR is doctored by Sam Farahmand, Mila Jaroniec, and Luke Wiget.

drDOCTOR is based in Akron, OH, and Nashville, TN, and wherever the hell Sam is right now.


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(Pictured above, L to R: all three doctors standing in the same place.
Pictured below: all the doctors from various DReadings).