Submissions for drPRINT are currently CLOSED. We accept submissions for the DOCTOR to DOCTOR essay series year round. Take a look at our guidelines below and submit via email at drdoctordrdoctor@gmail.com.

drPRINT Guidelines

We are a lit mag, but we do not believe in being literary with a capital L. We are not interested in obscurity or cleverness, or pretense for its own sake. We like work that is difficult, but not difficult to read.

We are not interested in categorical distinctions of content and form. In other words, we do not care if you send us fiction, nonfiction, or an experimental hybrid that defies classification. Nor do we care what your piece is “about.” We care about writing that is good and true. You know a good thing when you see it. When you make it, send us that.

  • Simultaneous submissions permitted, but please withdraw your submission if your work has been accepted elsewhere
  • Original work only – no reprints
  • 5,000 words maximum, ideally
  • It’s a good idea to check out our archives before submitting
  • “Awards are the only currency American writing culture has to describe a writer’s work. It’s almost French. But in France at least the ribbons mean something.” – Eileen Myles
  • “Something that you feel will find its own form.” – Jack Kerouac

DOCTOR to DOCTOR Guidelines

Two artists enter, one artwork leaves. DOCTOR to DOCTOR essays focus on the writer’s experience of another artist’s art, its impact on the writer and their work, and its relation to art and life and the connective tissue between. As varied as their subjects, these essays have no additional guidelines, though 1,000-3,000 words is the suggested range. Check out previous DOCTOR to DOCTOR essays to get a feel for what they look like.

As part of our monthly web series, submissions in this category are open year round.