by amy k
GutterFACE is an original comic series by artist/author Amy Kurzweil for drDOCTOR and the dD Weekly. You can hear Amy on the podcast here or at the bottom of the page.


GutterFACE #1 | Freudian Microaggressions (May 24 2015)

In which we are introduced to our hero, Roofus D. Dogg, in his first session with Dr. Sophia Wassergeschopf.

freudian micro feature

GutterFACE #2 | What Kind of Artist Are You?  (May 31 2015)

What kind of artist are you? Well, how hard do you want to work? How much $ do you need? Boxers or briefs? All this and much more questioned, and much more answered in this week’s GutterFACE.

kind of artist feature 2

GutterFACE #3 | Anxiety of Influence  (June 7 2015)

In which we wait with Roofus D. Dogg in the waiting room of Dr. Sophia Wassergeschopf, and wade through the anxieties of influence of Dr. Amy Kurzweil.

anxiety feature 1

GutterFACE #4 | The Adventures of Schrodinger’s Cat  (June 14 2015)

The adventures and misadventures of Schrodinger’s cat, where anything is and isn’t possible, if not pawsible.

s cat feature 2

GutterFACE #5 | Interpretation of Dreams  (June 28 2015)

In which Roofus D. Dogg discusses his sexual frustrations, delves into his dreams, and uncovers something of a psychological breakthrough.

dreams feature fixed

GutterFACE #6 | Write Your Own Book Jacket Blurb!  (July 5 2015)

Write your own book jacket blurb (or someone else’s) with this very special fill-in-the-blankisode of GutterFACE.

blurb feature 2

GutterFACE #7 | Quinoa Z. Mouse Maze  (July 12 2015)

In which we are introduced to Quinoa Z. Mouse on her way through the maze of life to Le Cafe Especiale’s very special soy latte.

quinoa feature

GutterFACE #8 | Blind Date  (July 19 2015)

In which we are introduced, or rather, in which Roofus D. Dogg and Quinoa Z. Mouse are introduced on their very first blind date.

date feature

GutterFACE #9 | Yoga Flow with Dolores the Slow Loris  (August 2 2015)

Yoga Flow with Dolores the Slow Loris covers everything from Child’s Pose to Disappearing Primate Pose.

yoga feature

GutterFACE #10 | What Type of Professor Should You Be?  (August 9 2015)

What type of professor should you be? How many books will you write? How much $ do you need? How many more of these questions are you will to answer? All this and much more questioned, and much more called back to in this week’s GutterFACE.

prof feature 2

GutterFACE #11 | Faculty Meeting  (September 13 2015)

In which Roofus D. Dogg attends a faculty meeting and loses his cool on the eve of a new school semester.faculty feature

GutterFACE #12 | The Dystopian Adventure II  (October 27th 2015)

The Dystopian Adventure II, the thrilling sequel to last summer’s summertime thriller, the selfsame prequel to The Dystopian Adventure II: The Dystopian Adventure I.

oct 24 feature

A GutterFACE Special LIVE from AWP 2016 | LAWPing It Up  (April 10th 2016)

Live from Los Angeles, it’s AWP 2016!

apr 9 feature


Amy Kurzweil is a Boston-born writer of comics and short fiction living in Brooklyn. Her comics have been published in The New Yorker and The Huffington Post. Her short fiction has appeared in The Toast, Washington Square, Hobart, Shenandoah and others. Thank god her graphic memoir Flying Couch will not be sequestered to her desk drawer but instead will be published by Black Balloon, an imprint of Catapult Books, in October 2016. Amy teaches writing and comics at Parsons The New School for Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Check up on all her work at and follow her on Instagram @amykurzweil and Twitter @amykurzweil.