the dD Podcast

101. Episode 101: Denise Giardina, William Matheny, and the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue at TipTop

(0:11) Sam introduces Episode 101 with highways, rhetoric, and Henry Miller; (15:55) Howard and Sam talk trucks, turkey, and Travelin’; (31:30) part one of the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue at TipTop featuring Rose Anne, John R. Miller, Keegan Lester, and Darrin Hacquard; (1:24:46) Denise Giardina talks to us about the holiness of words and about being from West Virginia and not being a West Virginia writer; (2:03:43) part two of the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue at TipTop featuring Rebecca Wudarski, Thomas Martin, Cassie Lopez, and Kevin Chesser; (2:57:14) William Matheny talks to us about showering, songwriting, and “Strange Constellations”; (3:46:30) “God’s Left Hand” from “Strange Constellations” by William Matheny.

100. Centering w/ drDOCTOR

For the 100th episode of drDOCTOR, we’re putting the “hi” in hiatus and getting on the horn to talk all things turktackular about the drDOCTOR summer hiatus and what to expect in the fall from drDOCTOR — the literary magazine, the podcast, the other one — with all sorts of turkey talked on what Lucky and the other one have been up to during their summer consisting of: letter writing; baseball jerseys; epiphanies; conference calls; Loretta Lynn; the Country Music Hall of Fame; Elizabeth Smart; Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg; Hunter S. Thompson; William S. Burroughs; Repo Man; Shrimp Cocktails; Shrimp; Cocktails; Elizabeth Grant; Lana Del Rey; the Black Bear Club; the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue; and, as always, and more!

99. Ursus Americanus, Vol. 1 w/ David Bersell

This week on drDOCTOR, the doctors are out and the boys are in. The Ursus Americanus boys, that is, with Eric Benick and Nick Rossi beginning their dD tap takeover with a conversation with David Bersell or Beersell, if you will, whose new Ursus Americanus release Nashville Notebook was just released. The boys offer some hot takes on nonlocal beer, wearing Dockers to readings, the importance of blue collar work to writing, and, as always, and more.

98. Eyes Glowing at the Edge of the Woods w/ WVU Press

This week on drDOCTOR, the Black Bear Club Reading Series and West Virginia University Press team up to bring a wonderful group of Appalachian writers to the stage at 123 Pleasant Street to celebrate the release of the brand new Appalachian literary anthology Eyes Glowing at the Edge of the Woods: Fiction and Poetry from West Virginia. Featuring poetry and prose from the following writers: Mark Brazaitis, Laura Long, Natalie Sypolt, Glenn Taylor, Jessie van Eerden, James Harms, Marc Harshman, Renee Nicholson, Mary Ann Samyn, Ryan Walsh, Randi Ward, and Doug Van Gundy!

97. We’re All Created Equal Parts Stardust, Vol. 1

This week on drDOCTOR, coming to you hot from the West End Cider House in Athens, Ohio, it’s the first installment of the We’re All Created Equal Parts Stardust tour for perennial favorite Keegan Lester’s collection of poems “this shouldn’t be beautiful but it was & it was all i had so i drew it” featuring the following writers: Alison Stine, Kelly Sundberg, Keegan Lester, and Madeline Ffitch.

96. The Black Bear Club, Vol. 8

The eighth inaugural reading of the Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based reading series hosted by our dear Dr. Howard “P. H.” Parsons, featuring: C.M. Chapman, Christa Parravani, and Jonathan Corcoran! C.M. Chapman is the author of the chapbook, Music and Blood. His work has appeared in Cheat River Review, Limestone, Dark Mountain in the U.K., and the anthology, So It Goes: A Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut; Christa Parravani is the author of the Indie bestseller Her: A Memoir. Her was named the Amazon Debut Spotlight Pick for March 2013 and a best book of the month. It was selected as an Indie Bound Next Pick, and an NPR, O and People Magazine must-read memoir. Parravani’s writing has appeared in Marie Claire, The Washington Post, Salon, The Rumpus, Glamour, The Daily Beast, The London Times, and The Daily Mail among other places; Jonathan Corcoran is the author of the story collection, The Rope Swing, published in April 2016 by Vandalia Press, the creative imprint of West Virginia University Press. His work has been named a finalist for the Flannery O’Connor Award in Short Fiction and a semi-finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award.

95. The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue Comes to HMAF

This week on drDOCTOR, it’s the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue! Coming to you hot from the Huntington Music and Arts Festival in Huntington, West Virginia, it’s another evening of songwriting and writing, hosted by perennial favorites Howard “P.H.” Parsons and Tyler “G.T.” Grady, this time featuring: S.G. Redling, Colter Wall, Tim Lancaster, and two surprise guests!

94. The Black Bear Club, Vol. 7

The seventh inaugural reading of the Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based reading series hosted by our dear Dr. Howard “P. H.” Parsons, featuring: Marie Manilla, Jessie van Eerden, and Marc Harshman! Marie Manilla, a perennial favorite, is on first, reading nonfiction for the first time in front of an audience. Jessie van Eerden is on second, reading from her most recent novel My Radio Radio. Marc Harshman takes us home, reading from his poetry collection Believe What You Can. All three authors have books available via West Virginia University Press!

93. Seasoning w/ Nick Rossi

This week on drDOCTOR, it’s the season premiere of drDOCTOR! The doctors season up the episode and what you can expect this season before Dr. Luke Wiget settles down to talk turkey with Nick Rossi, a fellow Nashvillain, friend of the show, and editor of Sobotka Lit Mag, on all things writing and all the ins and outs of running a literary magazine (as well as all the lefts and rights and ups and downs).

92. Timing w/ Mila Jaroniec

This week on drDOCTOR, it’s the season finale of drDOCTOR! The doctors talk turkey on all things: being creative and being a parent and being a creative parent; time and consciousness and consciousness of time; the drDOCTOR print journal; and much more!

91. Deadlining w/ drDOCTOR

This week on drDOCTOR, the doctors talk turkey on everything from sportsmanship to craftsmanship before getting on the blower for an exclusive with drDOCTOR’s elusive third doctor, Dr. Mila Jaroniec, for an elusive exclusive on the upcoming deadline for the drDOCTOR Print Journal!

90. The Black Bear Club, Vol. 6

The sixth inaugural reading of the Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based reading series hosted by our dear Dr. Howard Parsons, featuring: Whitney Holmes and Joe Halstead! Whitney Holmes is the author of a full-length collection of poems, Room Where I Get What I Want (Black Ocean, 2015), and of the chapbook Method of Loci (dancing girl press, 2012). Joe Halstead is the author of WEST VIRGINIA, a novel available from Unnamed Press, 2017. His work has appeared in People Holding, Cheat River Review, Sundog Lit, The Stockholm Review, Cultured Vultures, and others.

89. Throwing w/ Joe Halstead

This week on drDOCTOR, Sam sits down with Dr. Joe Halstead the morning after their Black Bear Club reading to talk turkey on all things West Virginia, novels, and Joe’s novel West Virginia — but before we throw to Joe, the doctors talk turkey on all things: timely and existential; memorable and formal; fictional and nonfictional; Terrence Malick; Chuck Klosterman; Charles Bukowski; and much more!

88. The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, Vol. 4

Week Four of drDOCTOR’s lively coverage of the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue is coming to you hot from the tour’s homecoming show at 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown, West Virginia, featuring readings by Sam Farahmand, Keegan Lester, and Rayna Momen, and musical performances by Sophia Rehak, Rose Anne, John Jacob, Kelsie Cannon, Chris Allen, John R Miller, and William Matheny!

87. The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, Vol. 3

And we’re back to travelin’ with the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue! This week on drDOCTOR, coming to you hot from The Boulevard Tavern in Charleston, West Virginia, a selection of readings from the tour’s appearance at FestivALL. Readers include: Marie Manilla, Crystal Good, and Roxy Todd! Plus, a porchfront interview with singer-songwriter Rose Anne!

86. Travelin’ w/ Keegan Lester

This week on drDOCTOR, Sam sits down with Dr. Keegan Lester after their tour with the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue to talk turkey on all things: the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue; performance and art, performance as art, and art as performance; poetry and the persona of the poet; place and what one’s place to talk about one’s place is; West Virginia and California; and much more!

85. The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, Vol. 2

Week Two of drDOCTOR’s lively coverage of the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue is coming to you hot from the tour’s stop at the Historic Fayette Theater in Fayetteville, West Virginia, featuring readings by Scott McClanahan, Juliet Escoria, Mesha Maren, and Keegan Lester, as well as a porchfront interview with songwriter Sophia Rehak.

84. The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, Vol. 1

This week on drDOCTOR, coming to you hot from TipTop in Thomas, West Virginia, it’s the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, featuring songwriters: John R. Miller, Rebecca Wudarski, Sophia Rehak, Rose Anne, and John Jacob! And also featuring writers of letters: Keegan Lester, Kelsie Cannon, and Kevin Chesser!

83. Travelin’ w/ Howard Parsons

Live from “on the road” in West Virginia, Sam sits down with Dr. Howard Parsons of the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue and the Black Bear Club reading series to talk turkey on all things: Travelin’ Appalachians Revue; Black Bear Club reading series; being an artist from West Virginia; curating vs. creating; the narratives of the places we’re from and what sort of narratives we tell and ought to tell as the artists from the places we’re from.

82. Living w/ drDOCTOR

This season premiere on drDOCTOR, drDOCTOR is back for Season Five, in which the doctors talk turkey on all things: what to expect when you’re expecting Season Five of drDOCTOR; Luke being a father; Sam traveling to West Virginia for the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue; the busying intersection of art and life; our brand new logo brought to you by Amie Wilensky (IG:thecomicshopgirl); and much more!

81. Moviegoing w/ Walker Percy

A very special extended play of drDOCTOR in which the doctors talk turkey on Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer (starting up at the 45:00 minute mark after a brief intermission) as well as: George V. Higgins’ The Friends of Eddie Coyle; hard-boiled detective stories and half-baked ideas; William Faulkner and his time in Hollywood; what’s in store for next season and what’s been stored in this past season; and, as always, all things mortal, all things moral, and much mor!

80. The Band of Poets, Vol. 2

Coming to you hot from Nashville’s very own Bobby’s Idle Hour, as hosted by our dear Dr. Rita Bullwinkel, it’s the Band of Poets reading series! Featuring: Simon Han, Liv Stratman, Sara Estes, and Jesse Bertron. And on the tail end the doctors talk turkey on all things Jerry Rice, John Berryman and The Dream Songs, Rainer Maria Rilke and Letters to a Young Poet, Karl Marx, and much more!

79. Being Happy w/ drDOCTOR

The doctors talk turkey on all things: weighing in on weighing in; literary fight clubs and literary fantasy leagues; James Wood and literary criticism; Jim Harrison and poets’ novels; Terrence Malick and Knight of Cups; Joyce Johnson and “Minor Characters” and Jack Kerouac; being happy and liking to be happy; and much more!

78. Picturing w/ Daniel Parsons

Daniel Parsons reads from Picture Bones: An Object Theatre in Several Fragments, his DOCTOR to DOCTOR essay on Megan Murtha; the doctors also talk turkey on AWP, Bill Walton, and the nature of luck (which, much like the nature of the turkey they talk, can be both good and bad).

77. The Black Bear Club, Vol. 5

The fifth inaugural reading of the Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based reading series hosted by our dear Dr. Howard Parsons, featuring: Mark Brazaitis, Tony Swofford, and SJ Stout. Mark Brazaitis is the author of six books, including Truth Poker (Autumn House Press, 2014), The Incurables: Stories (University of Notre Dame Press, 2012), winner of the 2012 Richard Sullivan Prize, and Julia & Rodrigo (Gival Press, 2013), winner of the 2012 Gival Press Novel Award. Tony Swofford is the author of the memoirs Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails and Jarhead and the novel Exit A. A film adaptaion of Jarhead directed by Sam Mendes was released in 2005. SJ Stout is currently a graduate student in WVU’s literature program. Her poems have been published at Connotation Press, Rust+Moth, and Stirring: A Literary Collection.

76. Recording w/ Anthony Michael Morena

Anthony Michael Morena, author of The Voyager Record, stops by the drDOCTOR Radio Hour via satellite to talk turkey on all things: The Voyager Record; writing and living in Tel Aviv; parenthood and neighborhoods; hybrid forms of writing, and trying to define hybrid forms of writing; and much more! You can find out more about Anthony here and Rose Metal Press (and order The Voyager Record) here.

75. Professing w/ drDOCTOR

The doctors talk turkey on all things: fellow doctor Dr. Julius Erving and the origin of drDOCTOR; fellow doctor Dr. Ben Carson’s failed presidential bid; public drinking in Manhattan city; Joan Didion and The White Album; Ben Lerner and Leaving the Atocha Station as it relates to The Sun Also Rises and the modern novel’s interiority; Walker Percy and The Moviegoer, and morality as it relates to aesthetics and the artist; and much more!

74. The Band of Poets, Vol. 1

Coming to you hot from Nashville’s very own Bobby’s Idle Hour, as hosted by our dear Dr. Rita Bullwinkel, it’s the Band of Poets reading series! Featuring: Maria Anderson, Eric Shonkwiler, Harmonie Lee Thomas, and Anna Silverstein. And on the tail end, Luke and Sam talking some real hot turkey on beer flights and, as always, much less!

73. Traveling w/ John Steinbeck

The doctors talk turkey on all things John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley (In Search of America) and all things not John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley (still, in search of America).

72. The Black Bear Club, Vol. 4

The fourth inaugural reading of the Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based reading series hosted by our dear Dr. Howard Parsons, featuring: Matthew Neill Null reading fiction and Kristin Steele reading nonfiction. Matthew is a recipient of the Mary McCarthy Prize and the Michener–Copernicus Society of America Award, and his fiction appears in American Short Fiction, Ecotone, the Oxford American, Ploughshares, The PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories, and The Best American Mystery Stories. Honey from the Lion (Lookout, 2015) is his first novel. Kristin is the 2014 Creative Nonfiction Contest Winner for Still: The Journal for her essay, “How To Say Appalachia,” and her work appears elsewhere in Milk Sugar Literature, the National Book Critics Circle blog Critical Mass, and several news publications. As always, Luke and Sam talk a little nonsensical turkey at the top, before the Black Bear Club gets to the bottom of things.

71. Seasoning w/ drDOCTOR

“And we’re back!” with Season 4 of drDOCTOR, talking turkey on all things: New Year’s Resolutions; oxford commas and oxford possums; Charles Bukowski and Ham on Rye; Rainer Maria Rilke and The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge; “bearing” and our perception of reality; Sam putting on some weight, and much more; and much more!

70. Facing w/ Joseph Campbell

This week on the season finale of drDOCTOR: the doctors talk turkey on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Luke’s big move into homeownership, Sam’s lack of moves, and what’s next for drDOCTOR. (Note: there were some technical difficulties on Sam’s end, in that he was being difficult, but also, technically, there were some difficulties, so please pardon him sometimes sounding like a droid from a Star War).

69. Christmas Timing w/ Howard Parsons

A real rerelease of a reading of Luke’s Story by Howard Parsons, from DReading 2.0, but now just in time for Christmas. drDOCTOR will be back next week with our season-ending and year-ending season finale: a lively and lifely discussion of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

68. Doctoring w/ Mila Jaroniec

Episode 68 kicks off with a reading of “Starlight on Sunset” by Dr. Mila Jaroniec, doctor of fiction and perennial favorite. We are then treated to a big announcement from drDOCTOR on the future of drDOCTOR (a new drDOCTOR Doctor) before Luke and Sam talk turkey on all things: sandal etiquette; Luke’s Lyft and Uber stories and his upcoming move into a new house; writing, what is it; and much more!

67. The Black Bear Club, Vol. 3

The third inaugural reading of the Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based reading series hosted by our dear Dr. Howard Parsons, featuring: Denise Giardina reading fiction, her novels have won the American Book Award, the Lillian Smith Award for fiction, and the Boston Book Review fiction prize; Andrea Null reading nonfiction, her writing has appeared in Oxford American, Shenandoah, Souvenir, Fanzine, and the West Virginia Encyclopedia; Keegan Lester reading poetry, his work has appeared in The Journal, CutBank, Sink Review, Sun Dog Lit, The Atlas Review, Phantom Books and The Adroit, among others.

66. Angling w/ drDOCTOR

In a real Route 66 of an episode (for episode 66), the doctors talk turkey on Thanksgiving Eve about Sam’s two-month long move from New York through Nashville to Los Angeles and the past two weeks he has spent in Los Angeles, as well as general turkey talk (on writing).

65. Casting w/ The Porch

The Porch Writer’s Collective founders Susannah Felts and Katie McDougall talk some turkey with us on all things: The Porch; starting a writer’s collective in Nashville; writing workshops and teaching writing workshops; working on writing when working; adjunct professing; and much more for drDOCTOR’s very first porchCAST!

64. Tuning In w/ Will Chancellor

Will Chancellor talks turkey with Sam on all things: A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall; writing and rewriting and re-rewriting a novel over the course of ten years, and the research and re-search involved; wearing one’s hair up in a man bun to record a radio interview, and letting one’s hair down to tune in to higher frequencies; and much more!

63. Cycling w/ drDOCTOR

The doctors cycle through all manner of topics, full of tangents and full of themselves: Sam tells a story that takes most of the episode to get through; Luke gets through the episode; the bartender-patron relationship; customer service and false sincerity; being an adult in an adult world; the Country Music Hall of Fame; finding balance in work and in writing and in life.

62. Saying No w/ Tiana Clark

Tiana Clark returns for the first time to the drDOCTOR DRadio Hour to talk turkey on: saying no to things to make time for writing; the upcoming Presidential Election that is coming up in 2020 vis-a-vis Kanye West’s presidential bid; finding your inner Kanye and your outer Kanye; collating a poetry collection; writing and reading and reading while writing; the Vanderbilt MFA; all this and much more.

61. Full Dish Closure w/ Howard Parsons

Sam is feeling the Bern, Luke is feeling burned out, Howard is feeling the burn of the spices in his soup, as our very own doctors return to form by welcoming back perennial favorite and our very own country doctor Howard Parsons to talk all things drDOCTOR and Black Bear Club.

60. Scrolling w/ Rita Bullwinkel

Season 3 starts up with Rita Bullwinkel stopping by the drDOCTOR Doctor Studio in Nashville to talk all things: scrolling, whether it’s scrolling through Facebook memories or a series of codexes uncovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945, that scroll back to the life and times of Jesus Christ; Hermes and Thoth and Hermeticism; attending the Vanderbilt MFA program; writing a collection of short stories; working and writing, and writing when at work; hosting the Band of Poets reading series in Nashville; and much more.

59. DReunion w/ drDOCTOR

Not unlike the Entourage Movie, “the boys are back” to DReam large and live large, talking all things: turkey; the kids these days; passion projects and podcasts; “Visions of Cody” by Jack Kerouac; existence as it precedes essence; Sam’s travels and Luke’s travails; the upcoming Season 3 of the drDOCTOR podcast.

58. Growing Up w/ Bud Smith

The doctors welcome Bud Smith onto the show to talk his most recent novel, F250. Sam interviews him on all things: growing up and writing about where you grew up; working on writing even when you’re at work; kickstarter campaign pains; rummaging through rubbage at a garage sale for a Maurice Sendak signed first edition; and, of course, Sam’s departure from New York.

57. DReading 7.0 w/ Will Chancellor, Meredith Graves, Amy Kurzweil

The first and final DReading of the season brought together a lineup unlike any other the doctors have lined-up: Will Chancellor (fiction), Meredith Graves (nonfiction), Amy Kurzweil (graphic memoir). Laughs provided by live studio audience at Mellow Pages’ Summer Vacation at The Silent Barn. Forced laughs provided by Luke.

56. A Time For Everything w/ Eric Dean Wilson

The doctors welcome back perennial favorite and former doctor of nonfiction Eric Dean Wilson to discuss Karl Ove Knausgaard’s second novel, A Time For Everything, how it relates to My Struggle and how it fits into the Knausgaardian canon.

55. Doctor to Doctor: Luke Wiget

The doctors continue to discuss and dissect and deconstruct Sam’s impending, if not upending, Escape from New York, before Luke reads to us his Doctor to Doctor essay, “And Then There was Morning.”

54. Escape from New York w/ drDOCTOR

The doctor’s talk the liveliest of turkeys on Sam’s Escape from New York and where he thinks he’ll end up, talking all things writerly and workmanlike. (Spoiler Alert: There are no spoilers, as Sam still doesn’t know where he will end up).

53. The Evening Readness w/ Lance Schaubert and Kyle Welch

The doctors celebrate the happiest of New Years on episode fifty-three, and speaking of New Years, Sam talks his plans for escaping New York, while on the podcast proper the doctors welcome Lance and Kyle to talk all things conflict in Cormac McCarthy’s “All The Pretty Horses” and all things dialogical in Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises.”

52. Back to School w/ Polly Duff Kertis

And we’re back (to school)! The doctors delve into the drDOCTOR wine cellar of a vault to bring you the very best vintage of drDOCTOR: a once-in-a-lifetime, never-before-heard interview with former fiction doctor Polly Duff Kertis on all things writerly and lively.

51. Left Over w/ Natalie Eilbert

If you’re just tuning in now, the doctors welcomed Natalie Eilbert onto the show to read an excerpt from her poem “Man Hole” and also talk some turkey with Sam at Summer Mellow Pages Library on all things: poetry, both epic and gap epic; anxiety about leftovers and what one does with food containers; what superpower Natalie would have in theory, and practice; bicycling habits; working for a cookbook publisher; editing The Atlas Review; and much more!

50. Doctor to Doctor: Sam Farahmand

The halfcentennial of drDOCTOR brings you half of drDOCTOR with a marked absence, a matthew marked Luke absence, in which Sam makes fun of Luke all on his own before giving the weekly drDOCTOR weather report and going on to reading his Doctor to Doctor essay “The Good Doctor; or, The Doctored Good.”

49. an introDOCTOR to drDOCTOR

On the eve of their fiftieth episode, the doctors realize their first forty-nine episodes have been a trial run in preparation for their first (fiftieth) episode, and talk all things: Sam’s trip to West Virginia; Luke’s system (or lack thereof) of taking notes on his novel; existential crises; what to expect of the future of drDOCTOR.

48.The Black Bear Club, Vol. 2

Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based reading series hosted by our dear Dr. Howard Parsons, featuring: Dr. Sam Farahmand, the doctor in drDOCTOR, reading a novel excerpt from his novel, Jessie Griffith, a wonderful poet from Morgantown, known to memorize poems and mesmerize audiences, and Jesse Kalvitis, holding up the literary in the Morgantown literary community and putting the creative in creative nonfiction.

47. An Apple a Day w/ Tiana Clark 

Should men wear thumb rings or jewelry in general or ever? How does performing poetry inform writing and editing it? What apples are the best apples? In drDOCTOR’s first Nashville interview Luke tries to keep up with poet Tiana Clark who comes in hot on jewelry and poems and explains what pairs best with JNCO jeans. Tiana talks all things pre-MFA and reveals her favorite hot sauces, writing toward spiritual understanding, and the virtues of good gin.

46. Breaking Ice w/ Dolan Morgan

Breaking the ice and breaking it twice in a man-on-the-street interview with presiding doctor of fiction, Dolan Morgan. Sam and Dolan talk turkey from a park bench as well as the much venerated Greenwich Treehouse on all matters material and immaterial: the best Baldwin brother; the appropriate age/ages for wearing a backpack; being an editor at The Atlas Review; faking a résumé; and much more. Also, Sam announces his “Sam Farahmand’s Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour” and Luke talks his recent trip to Alabama, the finer points of vacations, and proposes the idea of the vacation buffer.

45. The Dead Rabbits Reading Series w/ Devin Kelly and Katie Longofono

Another release of the RSS (reading seriesSERIES) realizes the Dead Rabbits Reading Series, an interview with Devin Kelly and Katie Longofono as conducted by Dr. Sam Farahmand on all matters including: The Sarah Lawrence MFA program; the many intangibles of an MFA; the genesis of the Dead Rabbits Reading Series; the writing community that isn’t isolated to Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn; publishing work early and looking back on one’s earlier publications; and much more.

44. The Exegesis of Matthew E. Nelson

On the eve of Mellow Pages Library’s closing, Sam interviews Matt Nelson on all things Mellow, Pages, and Library: several years of the independent library’s goings-on, from hosting all manner of readings to boasting all manner of small press and large press books; the foundational myth of meeting Jacob Perkins; having a do-it-yourself, can’t-do attitude; the exoduses of New York friends and folk alike; and much more.

43. Savage Park w/ “Dr.”DOCTOR Amy Fusselman

“Dr.” Amy Fusselman is on the horn with Luke to talk all things: taking the hypocritic oath to be a fake doctor; her new memoir, manifesto, and memoirifesto, Savage Park; certainty and uncertainty and the uncertainty therein; the prescriptive life in parenthood, and writing for humans and not just parents; and our shared hatred of neuroscientists and any segments that involve asking a neuroscientist.

You can find Amy online at amyfusselman.com and on Twitter @AmyFusselmanAmy is the founder and editor of Ohio Edit, a prose, poetry and multimedia journal where she encourages you to submit. Guidelines here.

42. The Black Bear Club, Vol. 1

drDOCTOR happily interrupts our regularly scheduled programing to bring you the inaugural reading of the Black Bear Club, a Morgantown, West Virginia based reading series started by our dear Dr. Howard Parsons. The first meeting of the Black Bear Club features, in the immortal words of the the BBC itself: James Harms reading to us from his unfathomably deep well of poetical wisdoms; Kasey Kesner telling it to us like it is, straight up; Rebecca Taylor spinning us some yarn with more truth than even the most heartfelt catholic confession, because the truth is often hidden in the lie, yeah?

41. The seguEPISODE

Luke talks about segway tours in Nashville, but speaking of segways, Sam talks segues in between readings/interviews with recent The New School MFA grads: Dr. Rebekah Bergman and Dr. Claire Fornarola. The doctors also talk “Conditions Uncertain and Likely to Pass Away” by Frank Stanford and “Savage Park” by Amy Fusselman.

40. GutterFACE w/ Dr. Amy Kurzweil

An interview with Dr. Amy Kurzweil, as conducted by Dr. Sam Farahmand, in which they talk all things: GutterFACE, her weekly comic featured on drDOCTOR; ambience and the pronunciation of ambience; comics in general and metafiction in metageneral; the comic writer’s life; Sam’s encounter with Dame Claire Dames; Amy’s forthcoming graphic memoir, Flying Couch.

39. The prEMIERE Episode

The doctors talk life and death, turkey on a sharp cheddar, and season 2.5.

38. Doctors on Call Part Deux

The doctors are on the horn again to talk some serious turkey: Sam paints the NBA playoffs picture with some predictions; Luke talks his steamboat commute to a new job; some talk on Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, and light writing talk; some politico and financial talk; desk measurements and comparisons; and much more or less and more!

37. Doctors on Call

drDOCTOR’s first inaugural Doctors on Call (or, DOC) sees an across-time-zones phone call from New York to Nashville in which the doctors talk all things phone calls, coffee shops, work shops, and catching up.

36. DReading 6.0 w/ Melissa Febos, Laura Cronk, and Dolan Morgan

DReading 6.0 is a triumphant return to form w/ doctor of nonfiction, Melissa Febos, poetical doctor, Laura Cronk, fiction doctor, Dolan Morgan, and doctor doctor, Dr. Sam Farahmand.

35. rhodesDOCTOR

drDOCTOR opens up the doctor office for an extended interview with Michelle Montalbano, talking the library sciences, the West Virginia, the Providence, Rhode Island, and the proper number of post-period spaces; perennial favorite Jen Choi guest hosts as Luke solely talks flipflops; this episode featurettes two musical songs from West Virginia based band Goodwolf.

34. floriDOCTOR

The doctors open up the drDOCTOR office for a literally literary salon on all things Florida and not Florida. Soon-to-be perennial favorite Marianne McKey talks growing up in Florida (a.k.a. The South), moving to New York City, then discusses all things NYC vs. FLA, supposably vs. supposedly, MFA vs. postMFA. Perennial favorite C.D. Hermelin co-guests, takes us on a tour of the Tournament of Books and talks us on the origins of his podcast, So Many Damn Books.

33. The Scottie Pippen Episode

DReam me up, Scottie! It’s episode 33, a.k.a. the Scottie Pippen episode; the doctors talk all things Better Call Saul; “Uterine Fury,” a.k.a. another installment of Who’s A Freud of Virginia Woolf, w/ Christina Shideler; a phone interview with Dr. Roberto Montes on all things poetical and poethical.

32. portlandDOCTOR

The doctors talk all things Portland; a song from Portland-based musician, Christina Cano of Siren and the Sea; another installment of Who’s A Freud of Virginia Woolf w/ Christina Shideler; perennial favorite Jen Choi stops by to talk the Tin House summer writer’s workshop; Carson Donnelly reads poems and talks about being from Portland and writing from an artistic background; Nora Brooks reads from her hybrid prose/poetry thesis project, and you guessed it, talks Portland. (This is a Sam heavy episode.)

31. The cardioCAST

The doctors open up the drDOCTOR’s office and get cardiological with a heart-to-heart covering: Better Call Saul, father-son relationships, Neil Young’s Harvest, The War on Drugs’ Lost in the Dream, Vladimir Nabokov’s Speak Memory, and much more!

30. The drDOCTOR NashCAST, Vol. 3

The third and final, but not final (of the final four), NashCAST Vol. 3; the doctors conclude their conversation on Luke’s upcoming move; another the same WAFOVW [editor’s note: a comeuppance in the form of a technical error has this episode rerun the previously aired episode 3 of Christina Shideler’s Who’s A Freud of Virginia Woolf; doctor’s note: our first ever ICYMI].

29. The drDOCTOR NashCAST, Vol. 2

The triumphant return of the NashCAST, chronicling Luke’s move to Nashville (of NashCAST fame); another installment of ‘Who’s A Freud of Virginia Woolf’ by Christina Shideler; a reading by Emily Cementina w/ an interview by Dr. Sam Farahmand, talking the writer’s life in NYC and the Sunday Salon reading series.

28. The drDOCTOR NashCAST Vol. 1

The doctors talk Luke’s imminent and soon-to-be eminent departure from New York; a clip from Oliver Zarandi’s short story (to be found in entirety with an interview here); another installment of ‘Who’s a Freud of Virginia Woolf’ from Christina Shideler; Sunday Salon’s very own Sara Lippmann reading from Doll Palace and interviewing from Dr. Sam Farahmand.

27. DReading 5.0 w/ Darcey Steinke, Porochista Khakpour, and Mila Jaroniec

A special PRelease of the drDOCTOR all fiction, all female lineup from DReading 5.0, featuring the good doctors of fiction, Darcey Steinke, Porochista Khakpour, and Mila Jaroniec.

26. The Final LA Episode

The thrilling finale of Sam’s beloved Los Angeles; the absence of Sam, and the presence of Jen Choi and Christina Shideler; impotence; a talkOVER on A Tribe Called Quest’s “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”; Fresh Choice, Soup Plantation, Hot Dog on a Stick; Who’s A Freud of Virginia Woolf w/ Christina; a call with Sam; and much more ketchup!

To follow along with another dD talkOVER, sync this video up at around 17:52.

25. The Continuing Saga of Los Angeles, Part 2 (LA 3)

A continuation of the continuation of Los Angeles stories; the legend of Reeve Hughes; the doctors talkOVER The Beach Boys’ California Girls; The New School alum and Dr. of Fiction Mila Jaroniec reads from her novel and talks turkey with Luke on the writerly, workerly life; a farewell to Sam as he leaves for LA.

Listen along to The Beach Boys, starting at 16:30 in the podcast.

24. The Continuing Saga of Los Angeles

The doctors continue the epic saga of Sam’s coming into existence in Los Angeles; David Lehman on the horn on poetry and poetry voice; the doctors talk turkey on poetry and their first experiences with poetry; Sam does a movie DReview of Inherent Vice.

Here’s the Billy Joel video that the doctors refer to, starting at 27:33:

23. The United States of Los Angeles

The drDOCTOR Los Angeles episode includes: an account of Sam’s coming into existence in Los Angeles; a poetic analysis of Randy Newman’s “I Love LA”; a story and turkey talk from Lena Valencia; fiction doctor Jade Shames on growing up in a family of artists, transplanting to LA, and the morality of artists and art.

22. The Best/Worst of drDOCTOR

You’ve heard the worst, now hear the best of drDOCTOR: Old Lady Names and the genesis of Ray; Howard Parsons‘ rant of the year; Pun of the Year; Missed Puns with Darcey Steinke; a phone call from Mila Jaroniec; Matt Conant and the Nicolas Cage of Armadillos; first guesting with Jen Choi; best banter with Craig Morgan Teicher; and much more, all leading up to the best drDOCTOR moment of all time (season one)!

21. A drDOCTOR Christmas Spectacular

The drDOCTOR Christmas Spectacular brings to you a year in DReview: the top ten list of top ten lists of 2014; holiday jingles from Luke as he jingles all the way; Sam talks Lana Del Rey; a Christmas story from Christopher Hermelin; the yearly wrap up; and much more or less, as in, Christ(mas o menos)!

List Links
#10: The Best Video Games of 2014, The New Yorker
#9: The Literary United States: A Map of the Best Book for Every State, Brooklyn Magazine
#8: Some of the Best Lit Tweets of Some of the Year, Electric Literature
#7: Steve Karas’ Top Ten Things I Learned About Participating in Literary Readings, Little Fiction
#6: Amazon’s Best Books of 2014: Short Stories, Amazon
#5: The 10 Best Books of 2014, The New York Times
#4: A Year In Reading: 2014, The Millions
#3: The Best (a.k.a. My Favorite) Music of 2014, Grantland
#2: Our Guide to 2014’s Great Read, NPR.org
#1: My Year of Reading: Best First Lines of 2014, The Quivering Pen

20. Waiting Room 1.75

In this quiz show of an episode, the doctors open up the drDOCTOR doctor’s office to questioning from their listeners and answers from resident doctor of poetry, Christina Shideler. Intern Harper Jeannes moderates while Luke and Sam get in the way.

19. DReading 4.0 W/ Alysia Abbott, Jade Shames, and Christina Shideler

On the DReading a week before Halloween, drDOCTOR takes a turn for the freaky Friday. Luke is in absentia and Sam fills in for him, Christina Shideler is one of the best poets named Christina Shideler, Alysia Abbott talks tunes from the 80s and reads from Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father, and Jade Shames talks cheese and chess, as in, Paris and chess.

18. DReading 3.5 with Jac Jemc

Jac Jemc checked in at the drDOCTOR doctor’s office to read from her new collection A DIFFERENT BED EVERY TIME then discuss with the doctors what goes into a short story collection. Is it ten years of writing? Is it short stories? You be the DRudge.

17. Moby-Dick Marathon NYC 2014

In this whale of an episode, the doctors discuss Moby-Dick and marathons and The Moby-Dick Marathon. Fiction Doctor and co-creator of the marathon, Polly Duff Kertis, tells us all about the proceeDRings to take place all over NYC from 11/14 to 11/16

16. DReading 3.0 W/ Jessica Griffiths, Roberto Montes, and Polly Duff Kertis

On the eve of Labor Day weekend, drDOCTOR celebrated by welcoming three great readers to Mellow Pages Library in Brooklyn.

Jessica Griffiths read from her nonfiction essay “High Functioning”. Roberto Montes explained that when he starts reading poems, he “gets remarkedly louder”, and then he did just that. Polly Duff Kertis shared the beginning of a fiction story involving alligators.

15. Waiting Rm 1.5

The doctors close up the drDOCTOR’s office to open up in the waiting room, talking in turn on taking walks and turning pages. This episode contains an unofficial introduction of drDOCTOR’s new resident intern, Harper Jeannes.

14.  Knausgaard’s “My STRUGGLE” W/ C.D. Hermelin & Eric Dean Wilson

Perennial favorites Eric Dean Wilson and C.D. Hermelin check in at the drDOCTOR’s office to discuss the craze that’s swept the nation — no, not ebola, but Karl Ove Knausgaard — in the longest podcast the doctors have recorded to date on My Struggle: Book One.

13. Waiting Room 1.0 W/ Howard Parsons

Country Doctor Howard Parsons checks in at the drDOCTOR Office to talk all things typographical, question markable, and PUNctuational.

12. DReading 2.5 with Kaitlyn Wylde

Kaitlyn Wylde dropped by the drDOCTOR office to read a selection of poems from her collection Murmurs, then stuck around to talk turkey: writing for a specific audience; operating at the intersection of poetry and photography; the current state of electronic books and what that means for the future of poetry.

11. BODEGA Stories

In this pun run of an episode, we open up the drDOCTOR’s office to several specialists on the New York bodega scene: Sam confuses the capitals of Chile and Columbia, starting the first of many drDOCTOR fueled DRinternational conflicts, then tries to get us sponsored by Crazy Stallion; Luke talks the merits of the beer in the brown bag, the Schrodinger’s Can; Stacey Conant tells tampon tales; Christopher Hermelin wins the lottery of finding lottery tickets on the ground; Kirsten McNally brings a class of kindergartners to Trader Joe’s; Matt Conant tells us non-Texaners about the Nicolas Cage of Armadillos; Tori Wiget doesn’t laugh at any of Luke’s jokes.

10. Eric Dean Wilson

The great Eric Dean Wilson, Doctor of nonfiction from DReading 2.0, came over to our Bed-Stuy studio and talked about process and acting, VHS tapes, and the three of us react to the news of Robin William’s death.

9. SAXOPHONES With Howard Parsons

Our mainest guy, fiction writer and forthcoming Country Doctor curator, Howard Parsons came over and talked turkey with us. We covered the stories Howard read at DReading 2.0 along with the relationship between sound and meaning and how performance impacts the editing process. Howard is one of the good ones.

8. DReading 2.0 / Eric Dean Wilson, Greg Collins, Howard Parsons

7. DReading 1.5 with Amy Leigh Cutler

Poet Amy Leigh Cutler shared some poems with us and discussed post-graduate life, mental illness in relationship to art and writing, insight on Bukowski and drunkenness, and proved that she is far more awesome than Sam or Luke will ever be, as she’s recently learned to ride her new motorcycle.

6. Argosy Book Store Exit Interview With Brooke Morrison

We conducted an exit interview of sorts with former Argosy Book Store employee Brooke Morrison. Brooke discussed the rare book business, the owners and various characters at the store, running social media for New York’s oldest independent book store, and we all discussed old lady names and our connections and associations to a text that Hemingway or Fitzgerald touched. We were joined by one of our favorite and first DoctorsJen Choi.

5. “Forgiveness Beach” with Luis Jaramillo

We interviewed our first fiction reader Luis Jaramillo about his story “Forgiveness Beach,” among other things. Hear Luis, who’s now the director of The New School Writing Program, discuss craft and story with us.

4. The Eleventh Novel with Jen Choi

In our first dD Post-Op interview we talk to the lovely Jen Choi about her memoir, the number of novels you need to get to the good one, the Korean Church, writing and craft, and wonder about the strange taste of Subway Sandwich bread.

 3. DReading 1.0 / Luis Jaramillo, Craig Morgan Teicher, Jen Choi


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