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Writing workshops bring together two of the most difficult things in life: writing and other people. wkshopWORKSHOP is a feature meant to show what workshops are like for the lucky few that aren’t in an MFA program while also getting at some rules for the rest of us in or entering an MFA program on how work should be shopped.

#1 wkshopWORKSHOP by Sean Edgley

My own experience with writing a pantoum was like putting together and taking apart a matryoshka doll, except that the size of the pieces changed every time you touched them.

Sean Edgley’s piece on pantoum poems offers insight into the workshop process, one that worked out well.

#2 wkshopWORKSHOP by Rebekah Bergman

Workshop can be a pill and it can be pretty difficult to swallow. When my own work is being shopped I usually enter the classroom hoping to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. But as the process unfolds I find myself warming to it.

wkshopWORKSHOP Prescription with a Follow-Up Visit Q & A with the doctors. You can find Rebekah online at RebekahBergman.com.