dD Weekly Featured 5

Season 3 starts up with Rita Bullwinkel stopping by the drDOCTOR Doctor Studio in Nashville to talk all things: scrolling, whether it’s scrolling through Facebook memories or a series of codexes uncovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945, that scroll back to the life and times of Jesus Christ; Hermes and Thoth and Hermeticism; attending the Vanderbilt MFA program; writing a collection of short stories; working and writing, and writing when at work; hosting the Band of Poets reading series in Nashville; and much more.

And seeing as three’s the season, we’re unveiling a brand new logo for Season 3, by friend of the show, artist and photographer Kirsten McNally. Kirsten also appeared on the show a while back for our Bodega Stories episode, which if you’re feeling as nostalgic as we are, starting up Season 3 in Nashville, you can listen back to the episode and reminisce about New York in the seventies, or New York in the forties, New York in the drinking forties from a Bodega (Stories).

Look for the new logo in a local DRecord store near you:
dD iTunes cover Season 3