dD Weekly ddwk 2.2

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Amy Kurzweil is drDOCTOR’s resident doctor of comics and the creator of GutterFACE. Find more on her and view all the episodes of GutterFACE here, and at amykurzweil.com

46. Breaking Ice w/ Dolan Morgan

Breaking the ice and breaking it twice in a man-on-the-street interview with presiding doctor of fiction, Dolan Morgan. Sam and Dolan talk turkey from a park bench as well as the much venerated Greenwich Treehouse on all matters material and immaterial: the best Baldwin brother; the appropriate age/ages for wearing a backpack; being an editor at The Atlas Review; faking a résumé; and much more. Also, Sam announces his “Sam Farahmand’s Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour” and Luke talks his recent trip to Alabama, the finer points of vacations, and proposes the idea of the vacation buffer.