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Amy Kurzweil is drDOCTOR’s resident doctor of comics and the creator of GutterFACE. Find more on her and view all the episodes of GutterFACE here, and at amykurzweil.com

43. Savage Park w/ “Dr.”DOCTOR Amy Fusselman

“Dr.” Amy Fusselman is on the horn with Luke to talk all things: taking the hypocritic oath to be a fake doctor; her new memoir, manifesto, and memoirifesto, Savage Park; certainty and uncertainty and the uncertainty therein; the prescriptive life in parenthood, and writing for humans and not just parents; and our shared hatred of neuroscientists and any segments that involve asking a neuroscientist.

You can find Amy online at amyfusselman.com and on Twitter @AmyFusselmanAmy is the founder and editor of Ohio Edit, a prose, poetry and multimedia journal where she encourages you to submit. Guidelines here.