The Final LA Episode

The thrilling finale of Sam’s beloved Los Angeles; the absence of Sam, and the presence of Jen Choi and Christina Shideler; impotence; a talkOVER on A Tribe Called Quest’s “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”; Fresh Choice, Soup Plantation, Hot Dog on a Stick; Who’s A Freud of Virginia Woolf w/ Christina; a call with Sam; and much more ketchup!

To follow along with another dD talkOVER, sync this video up at around 17:52.

Jen Choi was born and raised in the land of boba tea and Sriracha, aka southern California’s San Gabriel Valley. Her work has been published in The Atlantic and The Hairpin. She is currently finishing a memoir about the strange, rich dynamics of growing up American in a Korean family. She lives and writes in Brooklyn.










Christina Shideler is a current MFA student in poetry at The New School. She was born and raised in Texas, and no, she does not have an accent. She is currently working on a hybrid form book analyzing the cultural history of anxiety titled A Taxonomy of Panic. She writes a bi-weekly column of satirical celebrity poems at The Ink and Code called “Celebrity Verses Poetry.”




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