drDOCTOR Vol. 1

drDOCTOR is excited to announce the publication of drDOCTOR Vol. 1, the debut literary magazine of the drDOCTOR reading series and podcast. After hosting a successful weekly podcast and monthly web publication, the doctors – New School alums Mila Jaroniec, Sam Farahmand and Luke Wiget – have made their way to print.

With a stunning lineup of experimental work from established and emerging writers and artists, including Darcey Steinke, Amy Kurzweil, John Reed, Eric Dean Wilson, Amy Leigh Wicks, Sarah Lyn Rogers, and more, drDOCTOR Vol. 1 is the much-needed antidote to the homogeneous lit mag tradition.

In addition, drDOCTOR Vol. 1 exclusively features The Raw Tapes, the unedited, never-before-seen conversation between Kurt Cobain and Darcey Steinke, in a 36-page transcription of the original 1993 recording adapted for SPIN Magazine. Meandering through dreams, music, art and love, from Seattle diner to 4-a.m. living room, the thoughts of artist-turned-legend in his own words are a must-read for the literature enthusiast and Nirvana superfan alike.

As this is a limited print run, the doctors encourage you to order sooner rather than later to guarantee yourself a copy of drDOCTOR Vol. 1. $15 (plus shipping) gets you a magazine (for all the handling you’d like). Order NOW:
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